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Back when MySpace was still popular, I was very big on creating custom DIV overlay profiles. The death of MySpace began when they started enforcing layout changes. Going from "1.0", to "2.0", to "3.0" then eventually to a bland, "basic" profile that everyone hated which prompted the move to Facebook. Sadly, Facebook has has always been bland & "basic" to start with, and even recently, following the same footsteps as MySpace, forcing layout changes of their own(timeline & live feed). I guess they didn't learn from MySpace's mistakes.

MySpace will always be the better site simply because of the pure customization you were able to do when it was allowed. You were able to express who you were and have a profile that stood out from everyone else's. On Facebook, everyone's profile is literally the same which is very boring. Of course, neither site works the way ithey're supposed to, with so many problems and glitches. Everyone is just waiting for the next big social media site to come along that features the best that both offered. Too bad Google+ can't seem to figure that out.

I had 12 custom profiles on MySpace and only 1 (my official profile) was left semi-the way I made it. I'm not sure why mine was allowed to stay at 1.0, but it's still upsetting that my other, more popular, 11 profiles weren't. You can view my original profile on the left, but of course some links and features no longer work thanks to MySpace.

I have created stand-alone pages in this section to preview some of the other layouts I made that are no longer viewable from MySpace. I've also enabled Facebook commenting on them. Enjoy.